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Welcome to the Çinar Hotel - the largest and one of the best hotels on Avşa

Avşa is a little pretty Turkish island situated in the south of Marmara sea (3 hours by sea bus from Istanbul). The island has wonderful climate and family friendly tranquil atmosphere. If you can’t stand the summer heat and are looking for good service with great surroundings, Avşa island is a perfect choice for you and your family.

Our family-run hotel opened nearly 40 years ago and since then has gained excellent reputation and lots of loyal guests. Very many of our guests come back to Çinar Hotel for their summer vacation over and over again.

When staying in our hotel you will find yourself for the most part in a company of solid, respectable Istanbul residents and will enjoy comfortable conditions and peaceful atmosphere.

Değirmenardı Mevkii, Avşa Island, The Sea of Marmara, 
Balikesir, Turkey
Phone: +90 266 896 10 14 - 896 13 60
GSM: 0542 339 78 29
Fax: +90 266 896 10 52

E-mail: cinaravsa@yahoo.com.tr

MSN: cinaravsa@hotmail.com

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